About Us

Sterling began making coin rings, earrings, and bracelets and selling them to friends and family many years ago in Pocatello, Idaho. He soon realized there was a market beyond his intimate circle and so set up "Sterling's Silver Shop.” 

One day his friend asked Sterling if he could make a wood, antler and turquoise ring for his upcoming wedding. Sterling got to work, and in doing so created a one-of-a-kind ring that was the beginning of what would eventually become Stone Forge Studios. 

During this time Sterling married Ani, and she quickly became a vital part of Sterling Silver Shop and helped Sterling on the journey of expanding his brand and business. Realizing that making jewelry was not just a hobby but a calling, Sterling and Ani enrolled in GIA Carlsbad where they’ve graduated in Jewelry Design and Technology. Sterling even has the opportunity of living in Belgium for 3 months and studying under the renowned Alexandre Sidorov. He learned techniques in stone setting that very few jewelers use. His skills have continued to develop since and are implemented in many of his designs.

All of us at Stone Forge have always loved the outdoors and spend a lot of time hiking in the mountains of Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Canada and beyond. We love the challenge of combining the strength and eternal nature of metal and stone with the elegance and earthly nature of wood and bone.  Each of our rings is as unique as the individuals that we make them for and has a story of its very own imbued in the objects we use to create it.

We hope you love the fusion of these different materials and ideas as much as we do and hope to create something beautiful and unique for you.