Care & Limited Lifetime Warranty


Take care of your ring. It's just like anything else in life: The more love you give it, the more love you get. 

As our rings are made from organic materials, such as wood and antler, you need to protect them more than you would need to protect a metal ring. In the final stages of production we cover our rings with a special coating that makes the ring waterproof but not invincible. Feel free to wear your ring while swimming, showering, or during any other aquatic activity. Do not wear your ring during rough menial tasks to help to prolong its life. Also, using harsh household cleaning chemicals can breakdown the finish and damage your ring. 

We will happily split the cost of repairing your damaged ring. Your satisfaction is our top priority! 


Limited Lifetime Warranty

- MUST be purchased at the time of ring purchase to be valid.


2 Free Repairs due to:

  • Damage to the waterproof coating from Accidental hits, scratches, Chemical Damage, or normal wear and tear (intentional abuse/breakage isn't covered and Stone Forge Studios withholds the right to determine if the ring has intentionally been damaged for fraudulent purposes).
  • Structural damage to the metal ring base is not covered in this warranty.
  • If the base inlay (i.e. - wood, antler, stone, or other base inlay) has to be replaced, the ring won't be covered under warranty (if you notice the ring is starting to get damaged, contact us ASAP so we can repair it before it sustains further damage and so that it can be covered under the warranty)

1 Resizing with the following conditions:

  • If returned within 7 days of receiving, resize cost will be 25% of original ring cost (normally 50% without warranty
  • If returned AFTER 7 days of receiving, resize cost will be 35.7% of original ring cost (normally 75% without warranty)

3 free cleaning/polishing

  • Customer pays shipping both ways

**Lost or damaged Precious Stones or diamonds are not covered under this warranty**

**Purchase warranty needed according to the metal choice that we used to make your ring. Since certain materials require different processes/materials to fix, resize, or clean we charge different amounts for each metal.**

**One warranty per ring. If you purchase multiple rings, you'll need to purchase multiple warranties.**

**All warranty purchases are final.

** Warranties can't be applied to sale rings


File warranty claim by contacting with your order number.