Care & Limited Lifetime Warranty


Take care of your ring. It's just like anything else in life: The more love you give it, the more love you get. 

All ring purchases come with free waterproof coating repair if the material underneath isn't damaged.

As our rings are made from organic materials, such as wood and antler, you need to protect them more than you would need to protect a metal ring. In the final stages of production we cover our rings with a special coating that makes the ring waterproof but not invincible. Feel free to wear your ring while swimming, showering, or during any other aquatic activity. Do not wear your ring during rough menial tasks to help to prolong its life. Also, using harsh household cleaning chemicals can breakdown the finish and damage your ring. 

We will happily split the cost of repairing your damaged ring. Your satisfaction is our top priority! 


Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you purchase a Limited Lifetime Warranty with your ring it includes the following:

2 free repairs due to the following problems:

  • Chemical damage
  • Accidental scratches, hits, or normal wear and tear. Structural damage to the metal ring base is not covered in this warranty.
3 free cleaning/polishing

50% off ring resizing or ring remakes cost

It does not include the following:


Lost or damaged Precious Stones or diamonds

**All warranty purchases are final.

** Warranties can't be applied to sale rings