Sizing, Engravings, & Metal Options


If you'd like to purchase our ring sizers to make sure your ring will fit perfectly, click HERE 

We make all our rings from handcrafted materials just for you and can therefore not be resized. To make sure you give an accurate ring size when ordering please visit 2-3 local jewelers who can size your finger for you. Make sure to use a sizer that is the same width as the ring you are purchasing. We make some of our rings with a comfort fit (rounded inside) and others with a standard fit (flat inside), as noted in the listing description, so have the jewelers size you accordingly. Your fingers can swell and contract at different times of day and in different climate conditions and so take this into consideration.

If you are worried about giving us the wrong ring size, you can have a jeweler take a pair of digital calipers and measure the inside diameter (in millimeters to the nearest 0.1mm) of the sizer that fits you. We will take this measurement to make the ring that EXACT size. Include that measurement in the “note to seller” upon purchase. 

Because of the natural products we use to make your rings, they can not be resized after they are made.  If you did not order the correct size we will happily split the cost of creating a new, correctly sized ring.  Please refer to the sizing guide to make sure you are ordering the correct size.

 We base our sizes off of this ring chart: 



Engravings are a wonderful way to make your ring just that much more custom and unique!  We offer text and image engravings.  



For Text engravings there are a few things to consider:

  1. We limit text length to 30 characters.  Any more than that and we have to make the characters small to fit inside the ring and they can become harder to read.
  2. We can do engravings in most fonts, but the three most popular are: Arial, Script, and Times New Roman (See image below as an example)

For Image engravings, we will need a clean, black/white image of what you want engraved.  There might be some limitations when it comes to images, but our team over at will be happy to assist you with any questions!

Unfortunately we can ONLY engrave on metal surfaces.  If the inside of the ring is wood, antler, stone, or carbon fiber; we won't be able to engrave on them.  Also, when we engrave on Damascus Steel, we will be engraving over the etched damascus patterns.  We engrave deep enough for the text to be visible, but be aware that the engraving will be over the top of the etched surface.


Metal Options:

Choosing a different metal may change the color of the metal pictured.  We don't plate the metal to give it a different color.  If you choose one of the gold options, the ring will be made in 10k Gold, unless otherwise specified in the specifications above. (See metal option picture as a reference)

Unless otherwise specified in the listing description, the metal option you select at checkout will change the color of all the metal in the ring. The title in each listing reflects the metal option shown in the first listing image.  Since we offer so many different metal options and so many different styles, we aren't able to show images of each metal color in each ring style.  Please be aware of this at checkout.  If you're worried about metal color combinations, please reach out to our support team at and they can assist you further and send you a computer render of the color combination for your reference.