All of our items are made by hand and many contain natural materials that vary from specimen to specimen. This means that items may be slightly different than the specifications provided in the description. Materials may have natural cracks visible.


Q: How long will it take to receive my ring?

A: Our turnaround time for made-to-order items is 6 weeks (It's possible they ship sooner though. Contact us with questions). This does not include shipping time which is 2-5 days for those in the U.S. (Unless you choose upgraded shipping at checkout)

Turnaround time may be longer if:

  1. You order ring sizers with your ring
  2. Your order requires CAD or casting services
  3. You ordered a more complex design

Turnaround will be shorter if:

You order our in stock sale rings that can be found by clicking here

These ring will be shipped within 2-5 business days


Q: Can I get my ring faster?

A: We do offer expedited services for an additional fee. This is available depending on the ring you want and your time frame. Please contact us to see if your time frame is doable at support@stoneforgestudios.com. Include in your email:

  1. The ring you’re interested in
  2. What metal you want for your ring
  3. The date you need it by
  4. Your shipping address


Q: What happens if my package gets lost, damaged or stolen?

A: We offer shipping insurance through Route. This can be purchase at checkout and anytime BEFORE the ring has been shipped. It covers any lost, damaged or stolen items during transit. If this has happened to you please go to https://route.com/ to easily get a replacement ring or a full refund.

We are not responsible for your item after it is scanned into the shipping providers system.


Q: What shipping do you offer?

A: For U.S. orders we offer free shipping which takes 2-5 days and comes with tracking. You can also purchase faster shipping at checkout.

Signature on Delivery can be added for an additional cost. Just contact us at support@stoneforgestudios.com to add it to your order.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We ship to all corners of the earth. Depending on your country you can choose your shipping options at checkout. Shipping internationally typically has no issues. However, sometimes your package may be delayed at customs and/or require additional import fees. If this happens we will gladly help to expedite the process. Stone Forge Studios is not responsible for any fees or delays.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: You can find our return policy by clicking here


Q: How can I be sure of my ring size?

A: You can purchase our sizing kit here for a perfect size.

You can also read our entire comprehensive sizing guide here


Q: Are your rings covered by warranty?

A: We offer a limited lifetime warranty which can be purchased by clicking here

Also, adding your items to your home-owners insurance policy is a low-cost way to cover yourself in the event of loss, damage, theft etc. Coverage costs will vary but for most people, insuring your jewelry will cost 1-2% of its value.


Q: Do you offer a military discount?

A: We are happy to offer a military discount to active military members and their spouses. Just send us an email with a photo of your military ID and we’ll give you a discount for 15% off.


Q: I just purchased a ring and now it’s on sale, can I get it for the sale price?

A: We honor promotional pricing for purchases made up to 3 days prior to the start of the sale. Just contact us at support@stoneforgestudios.com and we will credit your account. Promo codes cannot be applied to discounted items and cannot be used in combination with another discount.


Q: What are you able to engrave on a ring?

A: Any ring larger than 4mm we are able to engrave text and many images in the font you want. We recommend keeping the engraving under 30 characters. If your engraving is more than 30 characters contact us at support@stoneforgestudios.com to make sure it is possible. If your ring is 3-4mm we are only able to engrave text. We are not able to engrave on rings less than 2mm or with inner linings of wood, antler or stone.


Q: What information is needed for a custom ring:


  1. Ring size: Here is our comprehensive ring sizing guide. We also highly recommend that you order our ring sizers so that you can find the perfect fit. They can be found here.
  2. Ring width: the most common width for a mens band is 8mm. Here is a comprehensive guide here:
  3. Metal choice: You can view our most common metal options here: We also offer 14k gold, platinum and rhodium by request
  4. Material choice: What materials do you want included in your ring? Many of our most popular materials are: Jack Daniels whiskey barrel, meteorite, guitar strings, antler, turquoise, ironwood, malachite, opal and koa wood.
  5. Add ons desired
    1. Warranty: you can read about our warranty here.
    2. Engraving: You can read about our engravings here


Q: Are your materials real?

A: We use a wide variety of stones and materials in our rings.  Our antlers are natural shed meaning that they were found in the wild after the elk/deer shed them.  The woods we use are from around the world and from reliable sources.  We use both natural and man made gemstones.  They are both the same chemically and physically but one is made in the earth and one is made by man. For the majority of our stone rings we use a material called Trustone which is real ores/stones that have been crushed up and reconstituted with a hard resin binder to make them more homogenous and durable for full ring inlays.  In certain ring styles we can do non-trustone inlays but the designs are limited. The same goes for the full opal inlays we use. Due to the delicate and expensive natural of natural opal, we can't use it as a full stone inlay and have to use a man made opal instead which provides more vibrant colors as well as a more durable inlay.  We also use crushed stone inlays in alot of our designs. they are 100% authentic stones that are crushed and inlaid with a hard resin to give a different look to the ring.

Q: What metals do you offer?

A: Here is a photo of our most common metal options:

We make all our gold rings in 10k gold. If you are interested in 14k gold or platinum contact us at support@stoneforgestudios.com to get pricing.


Q: How can I care for my ring?

A: With each order we send you a cleaning kit to keep your ring looking beautiful. When this runs out we suggest buying Carnauba Car wax from your local Walmart or Autozone. This works great on your ring.

To prolong the life of your ring please make sure to remove it during any harsh manual labor, rigorous exercise and while using harsh chemicals.

Q: How should I care for my Etched Meteorite Ring?

A: The etched meteorite we use is Muonionalusta and is iron based.  The patterns/texture in this meteorite (aka - Widmanstatten patterns) are formed as the meteorite cools a few degrees over millions of years as they fly through space.  Since the meteorite is Iron based, it can be prone to rust.  If your ring starts to rust you can always contact us to send your ring in to be cleaned.  If you don't want to send it back in you can always use a soft bristle tooth brush with white vinegar or baking soda/water combination. After cleaning, let the meteorite air dry and apply a small amount of car wax or carnauba wax to the meteorite and wipe the excess off.  This helps to seal the meteorite so water won't get into the grains and cause rust.  Be aware that if you damage your ring by trying any of these home methods, it might take more to repair the ring and could incur extra costs.  That's why we suggest sending the ring in to us as a first option.