Please include what you want the engraving to say in the note to seller.

This engraving is for ONE ring only. If you want more than one ring engraved please order the respectable amount and include in the note which engraving goes with which ring. 

We can engrave all letters, numbers, and most punctuation marks. We can engrave special symbols and characters, but our list is limited. Please contact us beforehand if you have a special engraving request.

NUMBER OF CHARACTER/WORDS - The number of characters that can be engraved on a ring highly depends on the ring width and size. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a max of 30 characters (including spaces). If you think you'll need more characters for your engraving, contact us BEFORE purchasing to make sure it will work with your specific ring.

- TITANIUM, STAINLESS STEEL, SILVER, GOLD - When engraving on softer metals such as gold and silver, the engraving is deeper and more distinct, when engraving on stainless steel or titanium, the engraving can be seen but it may not be as deep/distinct.

- DAMASCUS STEEL - If you want us to engrave on etched Damascus Steel Rings we will have to polish the inside of the ring and the etch will be lost JUST on the inside.

- BLACK/WHITE CERAMIC AND TUNGSTEN - Since Black and White ceramic bands are black and white ALL throughout the material, the engraving won't be as distinct as engraving on a regular metal ring. 

- WOOD SLEEVE - If your ring includes a wood sleeve, most of the time we can wood burn your engraving on the inside. (This depends on the wood. Please contact us before purchasing).



- THIN BANDS - due to the nature of the engraving sizes, we can't engrave on bands thinner than 2mm wide.