Limited Lifetime Waranty

Just like any ring, ours aren’t indestructible. We take great care to make them extremely durable to wear and tear. To give you that extra assurance that your ring will be taken care of we offer a limited lifetime warranty. That can be purchased here and must be purchased at the time of ring purchase to be valid.

This warranty includes the following:

2 free repairs due to the following problems:
- Chemical damage
- Accidental scratches, hits, or normal wear and tear. Structural damage to the metal ring base is not covered in this warranty.

3 free cleaning/polishing

50% off ring resizings/ring remakes.

**Lost or damaged Precious Stones or diamonds are not covered under this warranty**

**Purchase your warranty according to the metal that we used to make your ring. Since certain materials require different processes/materials to fix, resize, or clean we charge different amounts for each metal.**

**All purchases are final.