Walnut & Elk Ivory
Walnut & Elk Ivory
Walnut & Elk Ivory

Walnut & Elk Ivory

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Specifications (Men's Ring):
- 2.25mm Walnut
- .75mm Metal
- 2mm Crushed Elk Ivory
- .75mm Metal
- 2.25mm Walnut
The total width of this ring is 8mm, Comfort Fit

Specifications (Women's Ring):
- .5mm Metal
- 2mm Crushed Elk Ivory
- .5mm Metal
The total width of this ring is 3mm, Comfort Fit


If you'd like to purchase our ring sizers to make sure your ring will fit perfectly, click HERE . 

Buying OUR ring sizers is the only 100% guarantee that the ring will fit perfectly.  We understand due to time time or geographic constraints, buying our sizers isn't the always the most viable option.  If you have to size your finger locally we suggest following these sizing instructions:

To make sure you give an accurate ring size when ordering please visit 2-3 local jewelers who can size your finger for you. Make sure to use a sizer that is the same width as the ring you are purchasing. We make some of our rings with a comfort fit (rounded inside) and others with a standard fit (flat inside), as noted in the listing description, so have the jewelers size you accordingly. Your fingers can swell and contract at different times of day and in different climate conditions, so take this into consideration.

If you are worried about giving us the wrong ring size, you can have a jeweler take a pair of digital calipers and measure the inside diameter (in millimeters to the nearest 0.1mm) of the sizer that fits you. We will take this measurement to make the ring that EXACT size. Use our size chart below to match with the diameter measurement to order the correct size. If you’re unsure which size to select, message our support team at support@stoneforgestudios and we will assist you with selecting the correct size.

Because of the natural products we use to make your rings, they can not be resized after they are made.  If you did not order the correct size we will happily split the cost of creating a new, correctly sized ring.  Please refer to the sizing guide to make sure you are ordering the correct size.

 We base our sizes off of this ring chart: 



Engravings are a wonderful way to make your ring just that much more custom and unique!  We offer text and image engravings.  



For Text engravings there are a few things to consider:

  1. We limit text length to 30 characters.  Any more than that and we have to make the characters small to fit inside the ring and they can become harder to read.
  2. We can do engravings in most fonts, but the three most popular are: Arial, Script, and Times New Roman (See image below as an example)

For Image engravings, we will need a clean, black/white image of what you want engraved.  There might be some limitations when it comes to images, but our team over at support@stoneforgestudios.com will be happy to assist you with any questions!

Unfortunately we can ONLY engrave on metal surfaces.  If the inside of the ring is wood, antler, stone, or carbon fiber; we won't be able to engrave on them.  Also, when we engrave on Damascus Steel, we will be engraving over the etched damascus patterns.  We engrave deep enough for the text to be visible, but be aware that the engraving will be over the top of the etched surface.


Metal Options:

Choosing a different metal may change the color of the metal pictured.  We don't plate the metal to give it a different color.  If you choose one of the gold options, the ring will be made in 10k Gold, unless otherwise specified in the specifications above. (See metal option picture as a reference)

Unless otherwise specified in the listing description, the metal option you select at checkout will change the color of all the metal in the ring. The title in each listing reflects the metal option shown in the first listing image.  Since we offer so many different metal options and so many different styles, we aren't able to show images of each metal color in each ring style.  Please be aware of this at checkout.  If you're worried about metal color combinations, please reach out to our support team at support@stoneforgestudios.com and they can assist you further and send you a computer render of the color combination for your reference.

Special Material/Inlay Information:

Full Stone Inlays:  Our full stone inlays (except petrified wood and etched meteorite) are made using a material called "Trustone."  Trustone is a composite stone made from a mixture of actual ores and resin.  This mixture makes the stone more stable and durable while also achieving vibrant and natural color tones.

Crushed Stone Inlays:  Crushed inlays are as the name suggests; real crushed stones that are put into our rings.  We mix the crushed stone with a durable binder which makes it just as strong and durable as a full stone inlay.  Since the stone is crushed, the texture is different than a full stone inlay.

Full Opal Inlays:  We use lab grown opal for our full opal inlays.  It would be near impossible to cut and inlay natural opal in this same way (PLUS alot more expensive) and lab grown opal is more stable for every day use and wear.  Keep in mind, that we inlay the opal in smaller sections around the ring.  Our skilled artisans do their best to make those seams flush and invisible, but due to variations in material/colors those seams can sometimes be visible.  This doesn't detract from the beauty that is our full opal inlay



Take care of your ring. It's just like anything else in life: The more love you give it, the more love you get. 

As our rings are made from organic materials, such as wood and antler, you need to protect them more than you would need to protect a metal ring. In the final stages of production we cover our rings with a special coating that makes the ring waterproof but not invincible. Feel free to wear your ring while swimming, showering, or during any other aquatic activity. Do not wear your ring during rough menial tasks to help to prolong its life. Also, using harsh household cleaning chemicals can breakdown the finish and damage your ring. 

We will happily split the cost of repairing your damaged ring. Your satisfaction is our top priority! 


Limited Lifetime Warranty

- MUST be purchased at the time of ring purchase to be valid.


2 Free Repairs due to:

  • Damage to the waterproof coating from Accidental hits, scratches, Chemical Damage, or normal wear and tear (intentional abuse/breakage isn't covered and Stone Forge Studios withholds the right to determine if the ring has intentionally been damaged for fraudulent purposes).
  • Structural damage to the metal ring base is not covered in this warranty.
  • If the base inlay (i.e. - wood, antler, stone, or other base inlay) has to be replaced, the ring won't be covered under warranty (if you notice the ring is starting to get damaged, contact us ASAP so we can repair it before it sustains further damage and so that it can be covered under the warranty)

2 Resizings with the following conditions:

  • Ring must be returned in perfect/original condition
  • Normally we issue an in-store credit minus 25% restocking fee but with the warranty, the restocking fee is reduced to 10% for resizings.  In other words you will just pay 10% of the current MSRP of your ring for us to resize it
  • Any engravings or add-ons will need to be repurchased at current pricing.
  • Limit of 2 resizings for the same ring under the same warranty.

Lifetime of free cleaning/polishing

  • Customer pays shipping both ways
  • If the ring has sustained damage that prohibits cleaning or polishing, the customer will pay the difference to repair OR remake the ring.

    **Lost or damaged Precious Stones or diamonds are not covered under this warranty**

    **Purchase warranty needed according to the metal choice that we used to make your ring. Since certain materials require different processes/materials to fix, resize, or clean we charge different amounts for each metal.**

    **One warranty per ring. If you purchase multiple rings, you'll need to purchase multiple warranties.**

    **All warranty purchases are final.

    ** Warranties can't be applied to sale rings


    File warranty claim by contacting support@stoneforgestudios.com with your order number.



    All our rings are made to order and as such we love to customize our products for you and make your ring even more unique. All custom orders/invoices are bought "as is".  Review them carefully before purchasing.  If the details/specifications aren't what you're wanting contact us before purchasing as we begin production on each ring shortly after the order is submitted. Unapproved detail changes made through message or email may not be made to the final order.  Only direct changes to the invoice will be reflected in the final product.  We will not take responsibility for unapproved design changes made on the customer's end.  

    Unless otherwise stated in the invoice, custom orders will be processed within the same time frame as the rest of the products on our website.   



    As each of our rings are made just for you we need time to make them. Please refer to the shipping time agreed upon at checkout


    Shipping Providers:  We only ship through USPS, Fedex, and UPS.  If you want us to ship it through Fedex or UPS, the cost is typically higher and we will need a phone number to process the shipping label.

    Domestic: We send our rings through USPS First-Class Mail by default. This doesn't include signature confirmation for the ring to be delivered or insurance. If these are services you want or need please specify in the field "notes to seller" during purchase. Additional charges may apply. 

    If you need a rush order, please contact us before placing an order to make sure we can fulfill it. Shipping will cost extra under these circumstances as you will need to purchase a shipping upgrade.

    When your order is completed and ready to ship, you will receive an email with tracking info. This email will include a USPS tracking number and a link for you to track your orders progress. *(Tracking is not available on International orders) 

    International: We ship USPS First-Class International, tracking and insurance is not available and delivery times are anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on individual customs delays. Buyers are responsible for any and all customs and duty fees. As a condition of purchase, customers accept a unique USPS customs form number assigned to the package as proof of shipment and accepts all liability and any other costs imposed by their country.

    Delivery Claims: USPS maintains tracking and delivery records for a limited period of time. If we are not contacted while delivery confirmation records are still available from the USPS, your claim will be considered untimely and cannot be acted upon.